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Frauen und Männer:
Flesh and Spirit

The Mystery of Intimate Relationship

An Experience in Council for Couples

This 3-day experiential weekend will provide both an intimate getaway and a provocative retreat. Join us in exploring the sacred dance of intimacy.

Celebrate and deepen your primary relationship in a small circle of five couples through specific communication and energy practices. Leave the retreat with tools which help bring vision, inspiration, and more aliveness into your intimate partnership and support each of you in creating the life that you want!


FLESH AND SPIRIT at it's very core is about Council for couples - listening and speaking from the heart - holding the space for another's heart and learning to become more aware of the spiritual aspect of the partnership that guides each one. It is the voice that asks us "What does this relationship need? How does it serve our world?" So the main tool is Dyadic Council which each couple gets to experience witnessed by a small group of couples. Dyadic Council provides sacred space for sharing deep issues and feelings. The couples can then incorporate this practice into whatever they already do at home.

The idea is about creating a 'transcending relationship' - one in which each partner grows beyond their conditioning and patterns and is encouraged to be all that they can be. It's like 'loving each other free'. The weekend includes energy practices which help open the heart to each other as well as to become more aware of the subtle energy fields which we are made of. We find that these practices enhance the erotic energy that may otherwise be blocked or ignored in the relationship through disagreements or boredom. They offer additional ways of playing with one's partner, of connecting with one's beloved, of honoring the Divine Man and the Divine Woman in each of us, opening us to a growing awareness that by coming into unity with another we are truly coming home to our true selves.

The weekend is about renewal - beginning again for those who want to go deeper. For those who are having problems, it is about learning a tool to communicate what is troubling them, while tapping into the synergy of the relationship and what the relationship wants, even at the risk of a separation. It would then be a 'conscious separation'.

Being witnessed ups the ante for the degree of authenticity, providing a forum not only for the couple, but for all relationships to be heard and healed. The main similarity between Dyadic Councils and other forms of Council is that the primary skill encouraged is one of devout listening. The main difference is that a response is often called for as well. Being totally available in the support of another person's truth, to the point of being able to, without judgement, reflect that truth back to them when needed, and to also access one's own heart and, without reaction, to share that with another, are the two most transformative gifts we can give. Add to this an intention to go beyond what is known, to live the Mystery of Intimate Relationship, and we have a recipe that can transform the world.

"Taken from the cover of Flesh and Spirit, by Jack Zimmerman and Jaquelyn McCandless. The photo is of a statue created by Beatrice Wood.

Jesse and Amber have been offering Couples Retreats in the USA and South Africa since 1999. They trained with Jack Zimmerman and Jaquelyn McCandless (developers of the Flesh and Spirit practices as presented in their book “Flesh & Spirit: The Mystery of Intimate Relationship”) and have a strong commitment to embrace their relationship as a spiritual path.

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June, 17. - 20.  2010

Amber McIntyre und
David “Jesse” Jessup

295,- €  each person

in double room:
149,- € each person

There will be max. 6 couples!

Kurssprache Englisch mit Übersetzungshile (nicht simultan)

This seminar is an council-training and open for all interested couples



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